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Agency policy


- Having a business registration certificate under the enterprise law

- Operating in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, informatics, Security equipment,….

- Have a stable business location, convenient for business activities

- At least one member of the unit is knowledgeable about security equipment distributed by the HAI HUY CO. (Or has participated in security equipment training organized by HAI HUY CO.).

- A unit must have financial potential and have wide relationships within the market managed by that unit.

- In other cases that do not have one of the above mentioned conditions, but meet the physical conditions and in the area where the Company does not have an agent, it may also be considered to become an agent

• Principle of operation

- Build long-term partnership on the basis of commitments to cooperation and share goals.

- Cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

- Regularly sharing information and timely support.

- Policy to support fair and reasonable on all distribution channels.

- Commitment to maximum protection for your agent against market fluctuations and competition.

• Financial policy

- Based on the results of purchase and other commitments, agents will be entitled to the price policy for the respective agent level.

- This price policy is independent and is carried out in parallel with other business promotion or support programs from HAI HUY CO., for agents.

- On the basis of the signed agency contract, your agent will be entitled to a credit limit with a maximum debt term of 30 days

- Based on the results of cooperation and payment history, your agent will enjoy a better preferential rate on credit and debt policy.

• Supporting policies

Support for PR - Marketing:

- Your agents are provided with catalogs, leaflets, banners, ... under the programs of distributors and the HAI HUY CO. Information about the agent will be advertised with the distributor on the mass media and on the website of HAI HUY CO.

- Your agents are allowed to participate in all promotions and sales promotion of HAI HUY CO and distributors.

- Your agent is updated information about prices, goods, products, company and distributor policies, marketing programs, and sales promotion documents.

Technical support, solutions:

- Your agent is given technical support by phone. Technical support will be directly on site when required.

- Your agents can participate in periodic training courses on products, technology and sales knowledge by HAI HUY CO. Will be supported with private training if required.

- When participating in the bid and project, your agent will be consulted and supported by HAI HUY CO. with solutions and techniques if required.


Supporting regions:

- Receive the price protection by the company and receive information about the customer at the agent's location when the customer contact the HAI HUY CO.

- In the case of different reasons, customers are under the agent's management

Level 1 still requires HAI HUY CO to sign the contract, the profit after deducting the costs will be transferred to the level 1 agent.

- For large contracts that the agent is not able to sign, the HAI HUY CO will sign it, profit from this contract after subtracting the costs will be transferred to the agent.

3. Agent registration

Procedures for registration as an agent of HAI HUY CO:

- Fill in the registration form and email to the address: haihuycorp@haihuy.net

- Provide photocopies of the following documents: Certificate of business registration, Certificate of tax identification number, Contract of location lease (if any).

- Sign agency contract according to respective agency level.



1. Regulations on collaborators


1. The collaborator (CTV) is entrusted by the HAI HUY CO to consult, provide information, negotiate and sign contracts with businesses and individuals and enjoy commission rate discount.

2. Subjects allowed to act as collaborators:

- Students in Information Technology, Business Administration, Marketing of Universities, Colleges and Professional Schools.

- Officers with university or higher degree working in the fields of Electronics, Informatics, Business Administration

- Retired officers have worked in electronics, informatics, business administration

3. Mode of operation:


- Each collaborator actively researches the market, looks for customers, promotes, sells and signs economic contracts.

- Enjoy commissions according to the sales 

- Being given collaborator code to track all customers searched by collaborator are tracked by collaborator 's code and when that customer contact directly with the company to sign a successful contract, this sales are still allocated to collaborator.

- All collaborators when contacting with customers must transfer all information and projects to protect collaborator, whoever gives notice in advance will have priority to be protected.

- The Sales Department will directly manage the collaborator activities.



1. Benefits of collaborator 

- Collaborator are entitled to remuneration in the following two forms:

• Receive 5% of the total value of equipment (at retail prices) that customers introduced by collaborator to buy from HAI HUY CO., when sales staff of HAI HUY CO implement the contract.

• Receive 10% of the total value of equipment (at retail prices) that customers introduced by collaborator to buy from HAI HUY CO., when collaborator directly consultes and signs contracts with customers.

- General principle: collaborator only receive remuneration from HAI HUY CO., after the sale and purchase contract with customers is completed.

- Collaborator is fostered, trained, professionally instructed in relation to customer access and introduction of products and services of HAI HUY CO.,

- Collaborator is provided with necessary documents, database and other necessary conditions to serve the work in accordance with the Company's regulations.

- Collaborator is considered to be commended and rewarded in accordance with the regulations for collaborator of HAI HUY CO.

- The remuneration will be paid by the Company after the contracts related to collaborator are completed and will be notified in advance for comparison after deducting income tax (if any).

- After a period of 3 months, if the collaborator operates effectively, it will be considered for subsidies: gasoline, telephone, supporting equipment or signing an official labor contract.

2. Obligations of collaborator:

- Participate in compliance with operations as prescribed in Article 1

- Ensure accuracy, objectivity, timeliness and efficiency in the work of introducing customers to the Company.

- Not allowed to take any action that affects the reputation, brand of the Company.

- Not allowed to transfer part or all of its rights and obligations to others without the written consent of the Company.

During this contract in validity, collaborator is not allowed to introduce customers to another security equipment trading company.

- Report work progress every Friday to the officer in charge.

3. Register as collaborator

The application to be a collaborator includes:

- Application to be a collaborator.

- Curriculum vitae certified by the local government.

- Copy of ID card and household registration book

- Copies of diplomas

4. Feedback: When receiving the application to be a collaborator, HAI HUY CO will consider related issues, if eligible will be accepted, if not eligible will reply to the applicant within 03 day.

5. Collaborator contract: If qualified to become a collaborator, the Company will sign an collaborator contract.



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